Polka Dot Club & Apolina launching 24th May


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Patchwork is a long-time love of ours. At the heart of Apolina is the love of craft and patchwork has appeared in our collections since Aw18. When looking at all the possible solutions for using up the small amounts of our leftover cloth, this one seemed perfectly us! Our talented team in India have produced a very limited edition run of incredible fully-patchworked pieces – each one unique and the true definition of a modern heirloom. We couldn’t be more excited about this special seasonal project.


The perfect 'roll-up' holder for crayons and pencils. Diamond patchwork design to the outer and inside there are multiple pockets to make it easy to take your art supplies wherever you go! 

3 taller pockets for pencils (roughly holding 9 pencils)

7 shorter pockets for crayons. (especially suits Stockmar blocks but will also work well for standard crayons!) 


 100% Cotton

Ethically made in India

  ** Please note there may be differences piece to piece. No 2 items are exactly alike due to the nature of patchwork.