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Caroline -Apolina

Posted on December 08 2018




Hello Tarn,

Tell us, who makes up your family?

There's me, my husband Mike, and Greta, who is just over two-and-a-half. Grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins all live nearby too.


Do you have any specific family traditions in the lead-up to Christmas?

This is the first year Greta's really aware of Christmas, so we're creating our traditions now. So far: riding the carousel at the Christmas fair, decorating the tree, a book advent calendar, and lots of music and making. Greta's nursery are collecting for a local food bank - I'd like to make helping others a tradition at this time too.


Personally, books are my 'go-to' for Christmas presents. Would you share a few of your favourite children's books?
So many favourites, we're huge bookworms, but right now:
'Du Iz Tak' by Carson Ellis


All the 'Hilda' comics by Luke Pearson (for older children but we all love them).


And my favourite Christmas book from my childhood, 'Christmas at Bullerby' (or 'Christmas in Noisy Village') by Astrid Lindgren and Ilon Wikland. 



What's on your wishlist to buy for Greta this year?

Her wishes are simple (blackberries and pens) so she's getting smaller things like wooden bubble wands, and hopefully I'll sew some little felt toys and accessories for dolls. I'd love to get her a play tipi, and the wooden cabin by Encore Jouets is so sweet.


Lastly, I love some family crafting during the festive season.. do you have any favourite craft activities for this time of year?

Making it up as we go! Gingerbread men, cinnamon salt dough decorations, paper chains, and painting in drawings with watercolours to reuse as wrapping paper. I tried to make one of those pretty orange slice garlands but I burnt them all, ha ha! 


Thank you so much for sharing! 

(All images provided by Tarn)


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