Apolina kids

Apolina was born out of a desire to create a more authentic style, something exciting yet nostalgic; not a passing trend, but a modern embroidered children's brand with longevity and a sense of craft.

Apolina is designed in England, but inspired by travel and the natural world. Traditional handicrafts from many different cultures serve as the starting point for Apolina pieces, and our colour palettes look to unusual colour combinations found in nature.

The relaxed silhouettes are designed mindfully to ensure children are comfortable and able to play freely in our pieces, as well as ensuring an increased wear-time. Each Apolina style has been designed to be layered up or dressed down depending on the weather: we want to encourage minimum waste. We imagine each Apolina piece will be passed down to younger siblings, then kept by mothers as a reminder of cherished childhood memories, with the hope of being passed to grandchildren as a future heirloom.

Founder, Caroline, worked in the fashion industry for over a decade before launching Apolina. After the birth of her two daughters she became disillusioned with the fast paced women's fashion industry and wanted to create more freely, based purely on passion. 

Fond memories of the cherished clothing from her childhood; dresses hand-embroidered by her own grandmother and treasured 1970s hand-me down smocks from older cousins drew her attention to the importance of clothing on a child's young sense of self and ability to express themselves.