Every season we are inspired by nature, and sustainability and ethical production are matters very close to the heart of Apolina.
We are continuously making efforts to improve our practices, while being very proud of what we’ve achieved so far.
  • Increased use of linen in the range. Linen is a kinder crop – it’s resilient, waste-free, needs less water to grow, and doesn’t require harsh ground preparation.  
  • Hang tags are made from recycled card. 
  • No plastic packaging – our protection bags used for wholesale orders and keeping goods clean in our warehouse are all made from a degradable plastic alternative. 
  • Kraft mailers are easily recyclable and tissue is made from recycled paper. 
  • We produce garments in small batches to avoid over-production and waste. 
  • We support traditional crafts in the region of our factory.  
  • We source artisan weavers from craft markets in India to develop fabrics for us  
  • Our small, family run manufacturer provides a safe, clean workplace where staff are treated fairly and ethical production practices are strictly adhered to.  
  • Our factory is Sedex approved.  
  • Our factory employs equal numbers of men and women, which is rare for the industry. This equality is reflected at all levels from factory workers to the development team and even management. 
Each season we visit the factory in India and spend time with the staff. It’s reassuring to see the team happily at work – there are always familiar faces, and it’s the perfect opportunity to ensure we’re operating in the best possible way for our garments and our staff.
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