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All Apolina clothing is made from natural fibres.
Across the range we have:
Cotton poplin 
Our signature base, a super soft yet durable 100% cotton poplin. Also used for our prints.
Heavy cotton cheesecloth 
Carefully selected for its heavy, rustic feel, akin to linen yet slightly smoother hand-feel.
100% Linen
Bringing a casual, well worn quality.
100% Cotton yarndyes
Apolina develops yarndye cloths such as checks and stripes to sit with the colour palette of each season.
These cloths are specially woven for us to our own design in India and use 100% cotton yarns.
Cotton textured weaves (Dobby and Jacquard)
100% Cotton cloth with a subtle design in the weave to add extra interest.
It is possible for cloth woven from natural fibres to have irregularities in the weave compared to man-made fibres, which can be completely smooth and uniform in appearance.
Small slubs and irregularities are an intrinsic quality of the natural fibres.


Hand-crafted Cotton Khadi. 100% Cotton.
Khadi is a traditional Indian fabric, woven on hand looms in rural Indian villages, using a cotton yarn which is hand spun on a traditional charkha wheel. 
We cherish the imperfect beauty of this traditional cloth made entirely by hand.
Please note: We expect variations in weave such as slubs, slight colour variations and the density of weave can vary across the fabric- these are intrinsic qualities of Khadi and prove its authenticity. 
Such variations within the cloth are not indicative of a defect, but expected qualities for an artisan cloth made entirely by hand and without technology.

Our card tags are made from recycled materials.
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