The imagery in our studio shoot (plain colour backgrounds) is most accurate for judging fit as this uses our final shipment samples. We have listed our model heights below to further assist.
Elise is 5 years old and 115cm, she is wearing 5-7y samples
Kaysha is 6 years old and 117cm, she is wearing 5-7y samples
Khloe is 7 years old and 119cm, she is wearing 5-7y samples
Heidi is 7 years old and 114cm, she is wearing 5-7y samples
Susu is 7 years old and 117cm, she is wearing 5-7y samples
Bay is 7 years old and 122cm, he is wearing 5-7y samples
Aila is 24 months old and approximately 86cm. She wears Bonnets and separates in 18-24M size. Dresses and romper are size 1-2Y. 
The age range in our sizing should be used as a guideline.
We also advise checking the garment lengths listed at the bottom of each product description. All dress lengths are measured from the side neckline to hem. These lengths will be subject to a tolerance of approx +/- 1.5cm.
Across the range we do have different styles of dress. Some dresses are intended to be worn short, others are intended to hit at the knee and a few silhouettes are intended to be worn at mid calf length. The imagery, description and the measurements given on the product page should make the intended silhouette clear.

*Please note our age data is based on average heights and weights for children in the UK*
If you are unsure of what size to get, please send us an email, we are always happy to advise.


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