A festive chat with Anna of Misha & Puff

A festive chat with Anna of Misha & Puff
I've been a Misha & Puff fan since my girls were babies and during the very early days of Apolina I had a message from Anna who had come across Apolina and loved the idea of layering it with her knits. Since then I've been lucky enough to count Anna as a friend who I can always rely on for advice and support.

Last January we met up in Paris for dinner and plans for this capsule collection started to come together. 
We wanted to create a collection of pieces that would work particularly for the Holiday season; parties, family outings and the cosy, calm time in between. 
Starting with a few key must-have pieces, we then built a collection around layering...and chatted colours, fabrics and details, working together to create a collection which can be easily mixed and matched to create a range of sweet, cosy holiday looks. 

In the spirit of holidays we thought it would be fun to chat to Anna about our different traditions, being on opposite sides of the Atlantic and with different holidays to celebrate!
Anna is based in Boston with her partner and 2 children.
Hey Anna!
I am so excited about this collection, I can't actually wait to get my own girls into it, I have literally just booked our tickets for 'The Nutcracker' and I remembered our conversation about this, almost a year ago in Paris!
What do you most look forward to about the holidays?
I LOVE the cozy feeling of the holidays.  I am from New England, so holidays mean its cold outside, sometimes snow, sometimes wood stoves.  It such a cozy family time.  Also, my family is Jewish and doesn't celebrate Christmas, and I have to say I love the quiet of Christmas day.  It still feels special in a different way.  The city is quiet. It feels so calm and peaceful.  I love the way the year starts to wind down, and the promise of the bright new year just a few days away.  
Do you have any family traditions in your house?
I did used to go see The Nutcracker with my mom every year, and I just started this back up with my mom and daughter (my son was invited too of course, but he wasn't enthusiastic).  It is so magical! 
And did you have any different traditions growing up? What did holidays look like for you as a child?
We celebrate Channukah, and we always did it with friends. We have such a lovely community of jewish families. I have really fond memories of big friend gatherings with loads of kids running around and piles of potato pancakes!
Also, true to stereotypes, I did go out for Chinese food on Christmas day.  And I also LOVE seeing movies on Christmas too!
I love crafting with my girls and I imagine you are the same with your kids! Do you have any favourites for this time of year.
Oh my goodness, I do not need to be convinced or a very big excuse to make things. From holiday cards to homemade gifts, to cookies (I LOVE decorating sugar cookies).  Just a few days in the house, and we have usually many things going on.  Baking and making things REALLY makes me feel at home and cozy. 
Do you have a favourite holiday decoration? I always pick up decorations when I'm at the handicraft market in India, and love trimming our tree with a mix of passed down ornaments and things we've picked up on travels :) 
It's not a decoration, But getting our menorah out and ready makes me feel festive.  Bringing in light at the darkest days is such an important part of these holidays and I totally understand why.  It feels grounding in a way, and hopeful.  
What's on your gift list this year?
Oh man,  I will say it here and maybe it will come true :)  I have been coveting the VERY large size Agnes Badoo bag.   
 I think I told you, your mainline holiday shoot reminded me a little of my favourite film of all time 'Gone with the Wind', I always watch this over the festive period even though everyone in my family moans, they always get into it! Do you have a favourite family movie?
oh Caroline!  I think I am a bit darker ;)  I always seem to end up watching The Shining this time of year.  All that snow!!  
Thanks so much for sharing Anna! x
*Images of Anna by Victoria of Motherhood Storybook (For Mothermag.com)
*Apolina x M&P collection image by Claire Guarry.
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