APOLINA MAKES: Pinecone bird feeder

APOLINA MAKES: Pinecone bird feeder
Cold winters are hard work for wildlife! These pinecone bird feeders are a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages, helping them to stay connected with nature through the winter months. We love how the bird seed looks a little like sprinkles, making these very treat-like!
Find some sturdy, opened up pinecones. Larger cones are easier for the birds, but ours were fairly small.

Once you get your pinecones home, set up a little production line. You’ll need smooth peanut butter scooped out onto a plate, and a decent amount of bird seed poured onto a second plate. If you can’t get bird seed, try making your own out of seeds and raisins or cranberries. 
(If you or your family have nut allergies you can substitute softened coconut oil for the peanut butter.)

Hold your pinecone by its stem and roll it in the peanut butter until well covered. You can use a knife to help you spread it about and poke it into the gaps. This step is good and messy!
(If using coconut oil you may want to use a pastry brush to ‘paint’ it on instead of rolling.)

Take your buttered pinecones and roll them in the bird seed – the seed will stick on easily. Coat as much of the peanut butter as you can, and sprinkle extra seed on with your fingers.
(With coconut oil, once you’ve added the seeds, lay the pinecones on a plate in the fridge for a while to allow the oil to set.)

Tie a piece of string firmly around the pinecone’s stem or upper scales so that it can be hung from a tree branch.
Head outdoors to hang up your bird treats! If you have a garden, try picking a spot where you’ll be able to watch birds come and go from your home. Be sure to hang them nice and high, out of the reach of cats. We hope you make some sweet new friends to watch all winter long!
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