APOLINA MAKES: Nature weavings

APOLINA MAKES: Nature weavings
Nature weaving is a sweet twist on a traditional handicraft, and a fun outdoors activity for all ages (and any season!), that requires very little materials. Kids will get to know the plants that grow around them while practising their fine motor skills!
Here’s our simple guide to making your own nature weaving. Have fun, you really can’t go wrong!

First collect your sticks: you'll need three for a triangular frame, or four for square or rectangular.  Break your sticks down to your desired length.

Bind the sticks together firmly with yarn (or string) to make the frame of your loom.
Tie a long piece of yarn to one corner, then bring it down and wrap it twice around the stick below. Continue zig-zagging along between the top and bottom sticks, until your loom is finished. Try to keep your strings nice and taut as you go. Wrap and bind off the yarn at the corner.
Now to find your treasures! Anything goes: flowers, leaves, grasses, seedpods, feathers, bark, or even seaweed. Weave them carefully into your loom, making it as minimal or busy as you like (weave flowers by their stems first!).
Ta-da, you’ve made a beautiful nature weaving. 
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