APOLINA MAKES: Paper Butterflies

APOLINA MAKES: Paper Butterflies
Paper butterfly hangings are a sweet way to reuse scrap paper. This is a simple craft for little ones, with quick results, and we find the butterflies make excellent decorations in dens ;)

Find a piece of scrap paper (old letters/ envelopes, paper bags/ used wrapping paper, newspaper, etc.).
It's nice to add some colours to your chosen paper. We decorated an old envelope with watercolour crayons. 

Draw a large circle and diamond shape template onto the paper as shown, and cut out.

Fold the paper in a concertina pleating manner. 
Pinching the centre, use cotton thread or wool to tightly tie the mid section and secure, also adding a loop to hang your butterfly. Unfold the pleating to create your butterfly. 
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