APOLINA MAKES: Pressed flower cards

APOLINA MAKES: Pressed flower cards
Reflecting our current floral mood, this craft makes good use of Spring’s abundance of flowers. These pressed flower pictures will make extra special cards to send to friends and family. We found it a very calming activity, perfect for a slow afternoon or winding down.
First collect your flowers and leaves, then carefully press them. You can either use a flower press or pop them inside the pages of a heavy book. If you leave them in a warm place, they will be ready to use in a week.

Now choose your paper and arrange your flowers. You can make a pattern mandala-style, an animal, or even a Flowers’ Festival person! Black paper really enhances the colours of the flowers, but any coloured sugar paper will work nicely. If you’re making a card, fold your paper in half first.

Use a small brush to lightly glue your flowers and stick them into place.
Decide who to send your cards to! 💛
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