Apolina visits.... Justine in Sherman, Connecticut, USA.

Apolina visits.... Justine in Sherman, Connecticut, USA.



We asked our friend Justine, owner of ‘Cloth’ children’s boutique, to tell us her favourite things about her town Sherman, Connecticut in the USA. 


Apolina visits USA, we catch up with Justine to find out how she spends her down time

What's the best way to spend a summer morning in your town?   


We live in a very quiet, wooded area of Connecticut. Our community and lifestyle is basically set-up like a cluster of amazing little country towns. As a general rule it takes between 20-40 minutes to get anywhere around here. (This used to be quite daunting, but I’ve gotten used to it and now appreciate the sights we see daily.) I spend my days driving through these towns, lined in tall trees and open fields.  It’s pretty magical. We have some of the best hiking spots in the Northeast. I love travel, so I can say that no day is the same in our home. Some days we take our new puppy for a hike or walk in Washington Depot, CT. Macricotas Preserve park is the nicest place for a hike that is great for both kids and adults. Other mornings, we enjoy a quiet moment at Green Pond (2 minutes from our house) catching frogs, building moats and sandcastles. Morning is by far my favourite time of day. I try to get up a half hour before the kids do to sit and reflect.    

 family time by the lake


Which is your favourite park?  


We have wonderful park right in our town of Sherman that has an open loop path around it that is 1.5 miles. It’s great for a walk or jog. It’s an easy way to catch some exercise and watch your kids at the same time. In the centre of it is a large soccer field, tennis court and a playground.  



What's your most inspiring gallery or museum?   


We live 1.5 hours from New York City down the border of NY/CT. It’s one of the reasons we ended up in CT after we moved from Manhattan 6 years ago full-time. We certainly don’t get into the city as much as I’d love to anymore, but as the kids get older I can see more trips in our future. They love the American Museum of Natural History . I’ve been a fan of the Guggenheim since before I had kids and lived around the block. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s building, it’s penciled in for a day trip this Summer.  



Do you have a favourite spot for dinner with kids?  


Sushi dinner at our local favorite, Yokohama is a weekly tradition with the kids. My son, Hunter (8), loves his avocado rolls and mango, while my daughter, Vivienne (6), is adventurous with wild salmon sushi (which she calls “salmon pillows”). They both love seaweed. 



Who serves the best coffee?  


I don’t drink coffee, but earl grey tea with almond milk and honey is a daily tradition. I usually sip the first cup at home, quietly on our back porch overlooking Candlewood Lake. My favorite place to grab a second cup of tea on the way to our regular routines (horse lessons, camp, mailbox trips and day trips) is 'Arethusa al Mano' in Litchfield, CT. They have the best macaroons around.  It’s a sweet spot to get the taste (and feel) of New York City in our rural towns of Western Connecticut.  

 Relaxing on the porch. Justine's calm morning scene.


And what's your favourite day trip out of town?   


We love to head down to Westport to the beach in the summertime. We are so blessed to live on a lake and 2 minutes from one of the cleanest ponds in the state, but feeling the waves and smelling the sea salt in the air can’t be beat. The Long Island Sound provides just that on the beaches of Westport, CT. The kids enjoy ice-cream and frozen lemonade on the sandy beaches here, plus there is the best playground right on the beach. I couldn’t imagine not having water nearby at any given point in time – I believe water soothes the soul and refreshes the mind.  

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Justine!



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