Apolina visits... Mari in Nagoya, Japan.

Apolina visits... Mari in Nagoya, Japan.


This month our friend Mari Aoki, owner of Japanese children’s boutique MaRiet, told us her favourite things about living in Nagoya, Japan.

Mari Aoki - Mariet

What's the best way to spend a summer morning in your town?

Nagoya is famous for its hot and humid summers. The mercury can rise to well above 35 degrees centigrade! So, it's just too hot to do anything! But, I love walking my dog (her name is Shiloh) in the morning. 

I recommend that you go to cafes because most of the cafes in Nagoya have a morning special combo called "mo-nin-gu." By purchasing a cup of coffee, a piece of bread, a boiled egg, and a bowl of salad are provided free of charge! Isn't it a great deal?

Special Breakfast- japan

Which is your favourite park?

Shonai Ryokuchi park. My family go to this park a lot as an Off-Leash Dog Park and a BBQ place are available too. Meijo Park is wonderful too! You can see the Nagoya Castle from the park.


What's your most inspiring gallery or museum? 

I love the Getty Center in Los Angeles the most! Last year, we had no time to visit the Getty unfortunately, so I hope I can take my son there next time. In my city, Nagoya City Science Museum is wonderful. There is the world’s biggest planetarium and many kids programs are available there.



Do you have a favourite spot for dinner with kids?

We love 'The Gatehouse' in Nagoya:


Who serves the best coffee?

Komeda: http://www.komeda.co.jp/index.php This is the best Nagoya-based coffee chain.

Also I love Coffee Kajita:


And what's your favourite day trip out of town?

My family often visits Nakatsugawa area. There are many beautiful spots including the 'Fujimidai Kogen' and 'Fudo park'. 

NAGOYA japan

 Waterfalls at Shichikyo Gorge in Fudo Park.


Fujimidai Kogen- Japan

The hills of Fujimidai Kogen.

Also we love to visit Tahara, there is so much to do here, including many fruit farms to visit. :)

tahara- japan

A fruit farm in Tahara.



Thank you so much for sharing with us, Mari! :)


Mari was our first stockist in Japan, and we love her eye for beautiful children's brands.

You can find Mari's beautifully curated store here... 





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