Studio visit: AW19

Studio visit: AW19

Autumn is a time of nostalgia and reflection but also of anticipation: the light and vibrancy of summer is fading but the cosy, slower pace of ever shortening Autumn days beckons. 

Apolina’s latest Autumn collection was inspired by annual visits to Sweden; exploring “Skansen” and “Nordiska,” museums which transport the visitor back to the Sweden of yesteryear. Vintage handicrafts, excitedly seized upon at roadside “loppis” exerted their influence and provided a reminder of the early days of the Apolina brand. The self indulgence of succumbing to this nostalgia, including memories of our original launch on the final day of a stay in an idyllic cabin in the Swedish countryside, led to our latest collection. The warm, natural, earthy tones that surrounded us provided the basis for this latest colour palette. 

This Autumn collection is steeped in nostalgia, family and comfort.

It celebrates saying goodbye to those last summer days and moving towards the calmer, slower pace of early Autumn days. 


A particularly special trip to Smaland, staying at the lovely country cottage of Elisabeth Dunker (Fine Little Day). This was where we were staying when we first launched our brand, and put our 1st ever collection out into the world!
Traditional handicraft inspirations from Nordiska Museet.
 Colour palette from the 1930's house at Skansen.
This Nordic blue, found in a lot of Swedish design of this era,  inspired the blue highlights in our AW19 collection. 
The Swedish film 'Hugo och Josefin' sets the mood for our photoshoot; adventures during the final days of Summer. Anticipation of Autumn through harvest and preparation for the change of season ahead. 



**1930's illustration by Einar Neuman and film stills from 'Hugo och Josephine' via Pinterest. Apolina campaign photography by Emma Donnelly. Other images are personal photography from our family albums. **
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