Polka Dot Club & Apolina launching 24th May

Studio visit... AW18 design inspirations

Studio visit... AW18 design inspirations

We wanted to share a little peek into the backstory of our Autumn collection...

Apolina takes reference from traditional crafts of many different cultures but the influences are re-imagined with a modern approach and a distinctive natural-toned colour palette. 
Apolina kids vintage colourpalette
Our starting point for Autumn was the idea of a return to craft.
Images of early homesteaders in handmade garments and working on patchwork quilts set the mood.
apolina kids primative calico inspirations
Inspiration images of early hand sewn objects from England, Wales and Sweden (Via Pinterest)

apolina primative american prairie inspo
Inspiration images of American and Swedish primative textiles (via Pinterest)
Vintage calico prints found in early clothing across Europe and USA inspired our 1st print 'Blue Prairie.' 
apolina kids aw18 collection features heirloom patchworks
AW18 Apolina styles including 'Blue Prairie' patchwork styles.
apolina aw18 preview - patchwork for childrens fashion
Preview of our AW18
Our research took us from traditional English patchwork quilts and vintage Welsh blankets to the early Prairie settlers and the Oregon trail in America. 
meeks cutoff fashion oregon trail
Stills from the film 'Meeks Cutoff' 2010 via Google images
A lot of the early quilts and blankets had been dyed with natural dyestuffs so the colour palette is muted, earthy and nostalgic. 
vintage inspirations aw18 apolina
Inspiration images via pinterest
Our signature silhouettes were reworked into this time-faded, delicate colour palette and new styles join the line-up, as always, silhouettes are loose and relaxed, with a focus on creating casual yet beautiful everyday pieces that are comfortable and easy to play in.
 'Bo' gilet, 'Suzi' cord romper, 'Mariette' dress and 'Apolina Layers'. Photos by Annick Wolfers.


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